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Our Vision

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Cool Clever Customisable Business Apps to help your Business GROW

The UK Communications Regulator, OfCom’s report for the UK market (published 2017) reveals that small and medium sized enterprises (SME) significantly lag behind larger corporations in the use of technology for their business. Affordable, efficient, customer friendly technology such as mobile apps, chat bots etc are widely available to small businesses now.

Why aren’t enough of UK SMEs taking up this opportunity?

At Marketing Tech, our mission is to help as many SMEs as possible harness affordable mobile technology to help them grow, whether it is progressive web apps or native apps today, chat bots tomorrow or something else that’s available, affordable and commercially tried and tested.

We help SMEs generate a positive return on their Marketing investment by building customer loyalty and converting followers into paying customers. We do this by engaging their followers and customers at the right place, and at the right time.

In short, we build Cool Customisable Business Apps to help your Business Grow.

Consider these Scenarios:

Your marketing campaigns may no longer be getting the return on investment you were used to getting.

You may be spending a disproportionate amount of time keeping up with your sales and marketing activities, at the expense of managing your business.

Have you wished you could reach out to a different or younger mobile savvy demographic of the market?

Or you are spending more money on print advertising but not getting more response?

Or your loyalty programme isn’t cultivating much loyalty?

How would you like to attract more footfall into your shop or restaurant when it gets quiet during certain days/times during the week?

If you offer a membership subscription to customers and wish to charge more for your premium content, how can you deliver this additional value?

Or that your customers are finding it difficult buying stuff on your website, using their smartphones while on the move?

Is the marketing you do easily measurable; if not how do you know it works?

Or you may be put off by the costs of building a mobile app for your business?

Or daunted by the idea of using mobile technology?

Or you have an app but this doesn’t get many downloads or much usage?

Would you like to work with a professional service provider you can trust and will deliver?

What’s any of the above worth to your business? 

If any of the above resonates with your business, we may be able to help. To start the conversation, get in touch with us now.