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To make mobile marketing accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes, we are offering a monthly subscription plus a one-off setup fee. Depending on your business needs and budget, there are three service options to choose from. We build an app to suit your requirements, you can cancel the subscription at any time after 6 months. For enquiries or to sign up, please provide a few details here

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – our affordable, easily accessible, SEO-friendly Web Based Applications

All Inclusive Package Native Android + iOS + PWA

BENEFITS SILVER – perfect for the smaller business or startup. Setup fee £450+£95/month PLATINUM – perfect for the business that outsources marketing. Setup fee £450+£168/month DIAMOND – for the business who wants the best of web and native apps. Setup fee from £1,140+£168/month
Access to a content management system to update your own content Yes Yes Yes
Tailored to your brand Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited push notifications Yes Yes Yes
Minimum subscription period 6 months 6 months 6 months
Tablet and Smartphone compatible images Yes Yes Yes
Searchable on Web Browsers Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Analytics Yes Yes Yes
Access to Technical Upgrades Yes Yes Yes
Free demo app before you sign up Yes Yes Yes
Access to training webinars (how to update content, app features) Yes Yes Yes
Quarterly update of your visuals and minor design changes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited app downloads Yes (from your browser) Yes (from your browser) Yes (from your app store and browser)
Access to more than 45 features eg Loyalty schemes, Booking system, Mobile eCommerce, Push Notifications, Membership logins, Google and Facebook reviews via the app Maximum of 12 features (except for a few features which are in development and will be introduced soon) Access to ALL available features (except for a few features which are in development and will be introduced soon) Access to ALL available features – access to more than 45 tried and tested native app features NOW.
Multiple Languages (up to 45) Yes – additional setup fee of £250 applies (max 5 languages per app) – this is Optional Yes – additional setup fee of £250 applies (max 5 languages per app) – this is Optional Yes – an additional setup fee of £250 applies (max 5 languages per app) – this is Optional
Design and content revisions prior to delivery of your app Up to 2 sets changes Up to 2 sets changes Up to 3 sets changes
Managed mobile marketing service (up to 3 hours/month) – we work closely with you/your team to ensure results – see below No Yes Yes
Republish app store description and screenshots, app store optimisation No No Yes (1st publish free)
App Store (Apple and Google) plus Progressive Web App hosting No No Yes
Private App Store (for enterprise or members-only apps – these are available only to members or employees via a private app store, not available in the app stores) No No Yes – additional setup fees apply if you wish to set up your app in a Private App Store. Please contact us for further assistance.


When your app is first published it must go through an approval process with both Google Play and Apple. We manage this for you. This includes the submission of your app description and screenshots for display in the App Stores. Once your app is published, changes are made in real time via the Eazi-Apps platform, without the need for submitting for approval again. However, if you wish to change the description and screenshots that are displayed in the App Stores, there is an admin fee of £95 per submission. If you take up a Diamond Subscription, we offer this to you free for the first publication in the app stores.


If you have a small budget, wish to start investing in a mobile app for your marketing, or would like to “try us out” and will commit time and effort to running your own campaigns or refreshing your app content, our Silver subscription will be ideal for you. Our subscription fee includes advice on your mobile marketing strategy, building an app to suit your requirements and providing guidance on refreshing your own content using our easy to use, drag and drop content management system.


For businesses who do not have an outsourced or in-house marketing person or team available to manage mobile marketing, we can offer a fully managed service as part of our promise to ensure your marketing investment is worth your while. The support we offer can be a combination of the services listed below, and for up to 3 hours per month. If additional time is required over and above the monthly subscription package, we will provide a separate quote for these services.

Under our Managed Mobile Marketing Service, we will:

– discuss and agree campaign objectives with you for each quarter

– create a content calendar which sets out the content objectives, type of content, frequency of campaigns, deals and offers for the next 3 months

– manage, implement, track and report on app campaigns

– regularly refresh app content for you (copy and visuals to be provided by you or if required, costed separately as they are not part of our subscription fee services)

– work with you to create your email, messaging, social media and printed marketing materials to support your app-related marketing. If you require us to deliver these messages via your marketing channels and to manage incoming responses and customer/follower engagement, these will be costed separately as they are not part of our subscription fee services

– manage communication of your campaign objectives, messages and customer promotions to your customer facing team


All the benefits and service you get from our Platinum Subscription, plus the prestige of native apps and greater accessibility of your apps. This means more of your customers and followers will be able to access and download your apps more easily via both the app stores and the mobile web, your apps will be searchable on most browsers and the app stores, making it easier for them to engage with you on a regular basis and vice versa. All of which will enhance your company’s brand recall even more.

As experienced Marketers and App Developers working with small business owners, we always do our best to help ensure your mobile strategy will enhance your company brand and generate a return on investment for your business.

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